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Lifestyle Medicine 2021

Virtual international conference | 15-16 April
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Lifestyle Medicine for the Society and the Military

Where Great Minds Meet

Welcome to Virtual International Lifestyle Medicine Conference 2021: Lifestyle Medicine for the Society and the Military. It is just around the corner and our team brought together a unique and inspiring group of speakers, and our schedule is full of engaging lectures. Explore our website for all the information that you need, and book your ticket today!

Knowledge is Power

This conference will bring together an impressive array of practitioners, public health professionals, educators, and researchers with a shared interest in Lifestyle Medicine and its role in tackling chronic lifestyle-related illness and optimizing human performance. You'll hear from leading figures from the world of Lifestyle Medicine and get the latest scientific evidence and thinking.

Speakers will be covering a wide range of lifestyle medicine topics, which means there’s really something for everyone to discover. Check out our full schedule, and pick up your ticket today to ensure your seat is reserved.

What You Need to Know

Online conference will be held on ZOOM platform in English.

Simultaneous interpretation into Lithuanian will be available during the conference.

Registration fee for two virtual conference days -  €20.00. 

Registration fee includes a certificate of attendance from the Lithuanian University of Health Science. 

Learn. Share. Change the World.

You can download the full conference programme here



Physician, Board Member of American College of Lifestyle Medicine (US)

Dr. Shurney is the former Chief Medical Director / Executive Director for Global Health Benefits and Corporate Wellness for Cummins​, Inc. He has an extensive background in health care management and policy.  Dr. Shurney is co-author of the book “Integrating Wellness into Your Disease Management Programs” which is a “how-to” strategic guide for employers that wish to innovate their approach to chronic condition management. Dr. Shurney is board-certified in general preventive medicine and public health.



M.D., Dr. P.H. Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health 

Dr. Walter Willett is a Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. He served as Chair of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health for 25 years.  Much of his work has been on the development of methods, using both questionnaire and biochemical approaches, to study the effects of diet on the occurrence of major diseases. He has applied these methods starting in 1980 in the Nurses’ Health Studies I and II and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study. Together, these cohorts that include nearly 300,000 men and women with repeated dietary assessments are providing the most detailed information on the long-term health consequences of food choices.   Dr. Willett has published over 2,000 research papers, primarily on lifestyle risk factors for heart disease and cancer, and has written the textbook, Nutritional Epidemiology, published by Oxford University Press. He also has four books for the general public. Dr. Willett is the most cited nutritional scientist internationally. He is a member of the National Academy of Medicine and the recipient of many national and international awards for his research.



MS, Psychologist and Public Health Specialist (Finland)

Public health specialist, solution-focused therapist, and professional coach focusing on nutrition and health promotion. He is a founder and leader of “Cranberry” project of lifestyle medicine interventions in Finland helping people to regain health and vitality. Currently, he is also serving as Chairman of the foundation board, Finland Lifestyle Medicine and Health Promotion Foundation SR.

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PhD, LCMFT – Director of Human Performance Optimization Education, HJF (In support of the Consortium for Health and Military Performance (CHAMP) (US)

Dr. Lauren Messina is the Director of Training and Education at the Consortium for Health and Military Performance (CHAMP), a Defense Center of Excellence at the Uniformed Services University that specializes in Human Performance Optimization (HPO). In this role she oversees the operational, strategic, and administrative components of delivering comprehensive health and performance education and

training to the DoD and national security community. She is an Assistant Professor in the College of Allied Health Sciences at the Uniformed Services University and has taught as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Maryland, College Park. She has worked as a mental health care provider in the clinic and private practice settings and is a member of the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), Maryland Board of Directors. Dr. Messina holds a master’s degree and clinical license in Couple and Family Therapy and a doctoral degree in Family Science from the School of Public Health at the University of Maryland, College Park.



Physician, Medical Director at the Barnard Medical Center in Washington, DC (US)

Dr. James F. Loomis, MD, MBA is the Medical Director at the Barnard Medical Center in Washington, DC. He previously practiced internal medicine at St. Luke’s hospital in St. Louis, MO., and served as the Director of Prevention and Wellness. His practice focused on lifestyle medicine with particular emphasis on whole food, plant-based nutrition. Dr. James Loomis spreads the message that food is the best way to combat illness and disease. He says that most problems that walk into his office can be traced back to inflammation and stress, often resulting from the Standard American Diet.


Prof. dr. ARŪNAS 


Lithuanian Sport University, Department of Health, Physical and Social Education (Lithuania)

Author of over sixty publications in international scientific journals. He is a member of several international scientific institutions: FIEP, ENSEE, INSHS, CEREPS, and an expert in the field of youth physical activity and physical fitness for the Lithuanian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.



Bachelor of Psychology, Master of Health Psychology, Doctor of Social Sciences (Lithuania)

Dr. Brigita Miežienė research area covers health behavior, health behavior models and theories, psychosocial determinants of health behavior across age: children, adolescents, adults as well as people with chronic diseases. 

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Prof. Dr. Rūta Ustinavičienė

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Prof. dr. Rūta Ustinavičienė is a Professor and Head of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Medicine at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Her research area covers environmental and health problems, evaluation of air pollution as risk factor for disease development. She has conducted research in the area of occupational health evaluating psychosocial determinants of health of computer users, medical workers and other professional groups.

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Major/Dr. Regan A. Stiegmann, DO, MPH, FACLM – Flight Surgeon and Preventive Medicine – U.S. Air Force Academy (US)

Dr. Regan A. Stiegmann (Maj, USAF, MC, FS) is a new breed of Flight Surgeon who focuses on Human Performance Optimization via Lifestyle Medicine.  Since 2017, she has worked at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado where she successfully stood up the United States Air Force's first Lifestyle & Performance Medicine consultation services within the Operational Medicine Flight.  She is the first Flight Surgeon in the United States Air Force to become double-board certified in Preventive Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. She passionately works with her patients to meet them where they want to be, finding ways to reverse chronic disease, and truly embody health maintenance as opposed to conventional disease management. She is passionate about delivering human performance optimization techniques to her patients, colleagues, and fellow service members. Dr. Stiegmann briefs about the current chronic disease situation within the United States Air Force, she teaches about the rapidly growing subspecialty medical field of Lifestyle Medicine and offers strategies to patients and providers alike regarding how they can shift their everyday living toward true health optimization.  She has built clinical implementation guidelines along with coding metrics, and step-by-step details about how to implement and conduct Lifestyle & Performance Medicine consultations within a military flight medicine clinic. She is one of the original founders and current Vice-Chair of the Department of the Air Force's Lifestyle & Performance Medicine Work Group.



Physician, University of Helsinki (Finland)

Dr. Pekka Puska, MD, Ph.D., MPolSc, is a Professor, Finnish Physician, and Member of Parliament. He formerly held the position of Director-General of the National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland, and is currently a Member of Parliament and a Professor at the University of Helsinki and the University of Eastern Finland. Dr. Puska has had a significant influence on public health research and practice in Finland and globally for several decades. He spearheaded the North Karelia Project (as Director and Principal Investigator) for preventing cardiovascular disease 1972–1977, during which time, cardiovascular disease mortality fell by 80%. 



Physician, Co-founder and Board Chairman – The Plantrician Project (US)

Every year Dr. Stoll hosts the very popular one-week health immersion, Dr. Stoll’s Total Health Immersion in Naples Florida, and helps attendees restore and optimize their health, overcome addictions, and develop a sustainable regenerative lifestyle.



MD, MPH – Command Preventive Medicine Physician - AFRICOM (Germany)

Dr. Chelsea B. Payne (Lt Col, USAF, MC, FS) is a preventive and family medicine physician. She is the Command Preventive Medicine Physician at United States Africa Command (AFRICOM).  Dr. Payne oversees theater entry and force health protection for AFRICOM’s 53 nation area of responsibility. As a diplomat of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine, she works to incorporate health and human performance into her clinical practice and the policies that impact both travelers and deployers to the African continent. An international health specialist, Dr. Payne has worked with NATO and allied forces across eastern Europe. In 2019, she spoke in Kiev, Ukraine on lifestyle medicine in the U.S. military. Dr. Payne is part of the Air Force's Lifestyle & Performance Medicine Work Group and seeks to expand the lifestyle medicine movement through telehealth and global health engagements. 

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DO, MPH - Chief, Preventive Medicine - United States Air Force (US)

Colonel Valerie J. Castle is the Chief of Preventive Medicine serving at the Air Force Medical Readiness Agency, Defense Health Headquarters, and Falls Church, Virginia. Dr. Castle develops policy upholding the tenants of preventive medicine and public health. She oversees immunization policy for Force Health Protection and beneficiary care. Current professional interests are focused on modernization of the Air Force Fitness assessment and implementation of Lifestyle and Performance Medicine in to clinical care. 

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Ph.D., MPH – Director, Consortium for Health and Military Performance (CHAMP) (US)

Dr. Patricia A. Deuster, Ph.D., MPH, is a Professor in the Department of Military and Emergency Medicine at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU) in Bethesda, Maryland, and Executive Director for the Consortium for Health and Military Performance (CHAMP), the Defense Center of Excellence for Human Performance Optimization. She obtained an AB in Mathematics and Computer Science and MA in Education and Physical Education from the College of William and Mary, a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences and Physiology from the University of Maryland, and a MPH with an emphasis in public health and epidemiology from USU.

She is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and has over 300 peer-reviewed papers and numerous book chapters and books relating to human performance with a focus on health, nutrition, dietary supplements, and total force fitness. She has conducted research in the area of sports and warrior nutrition and performance for over 35 years.



MHSc, President of a NGO in Prague, Czech Republic

Editor of a lifestyle magazine, translator, publisher, educator, as well as the organizer of innumerous immersion and other programs. An advocate of whole food, plant-based diets, evidence-based medicine and healthy lifestyle for the last 25 years. Graduate from Lifestyle Medicine Masters of Health Science program at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and founder of the Czech Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

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